Island Gals, Interesting Links, and Energy Diet Articles

A few new links and articles to check out.

Island Gals Issue 2

Island Gals Magazine.  New magazine on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.  Pick it up current issue #3 free around your community.  Ann writes an article in Island Gals…here is the link to Ann’s article in Issue 2.    More on Island Gals coming soon.  

Canadian Geographic Energy Diet Challenge blog posts:

Links to videos and stories we found interesting:  

  • IEA (International Energy Agency) warns that we only have 5 years to make majors changes towards reducing greenhouse gases or we face runaway climate change
  • Inspiring and helpful video to make sense of our planets predicament.  Joanna Macy here.  Three ten minute parts from 2009 Bioneers conference.
  • Excellent Ted talk by Paul Stamets on natures fungal internet.  Even if you’re not a budding mycologist you will be inspired by what our partners the Fungi are doing to heal our world.   Ted Talk here
  • Earthrise.   New online upbeat solutions documentary…each half hour episode has 3-4 inspirational stories/solutions.  SIX episodes are out.   Excellent!  Our new favourite show.
  • Greenhouse gases rise by record amount. Levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.  Article in the Guardian
  • Posting this one again.  Keynote by Gwynne Dyer to 2011 BC Power Smart convention.

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