Eco-Sense Oct 2011 Email Update

Below is our Oct 2011 Eco-Sense update as sent out to our email list.  We now have over 400 people on our Eco-Sense list.  Many on this list are not active on facebook or twitter, so we send out an occasional update to keep in touch with folks.  Here it is.
Hey all,
Gord and I have been very active lately posting on our website/blog as well as getting a fair bit of press and magazine coverage.  Our blog has become our focus and the link will now take you there…the old website is of course still viewable from our blog (lower left hand side)
We have also been very active posting on Facebook and Twitter…yes we have broke down and now actually know what a tweet is.  Videos have also been consolidated and there is a video section on our blog… with links to all kinds of videos taken over the years and even in the last few weeks.  So, in light of all these changes, we thought it was time to send a quick email to our Eco-Sense list to keep you up to date.
On October 17th, from 7-9pm Gord is doing a presentation in Victoria on the research on our cob home for the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  Event is Free.  Check out the BCSEA events page for more details.
The Eco-Sense blog also has a new research section where the Cascadia Report, and the full Science report can be viewed and downloaded.
And finally a list of the interesting videos that we have encountered lately…the world is a very interesting place these days…if you have the time I highly recommend watching these videos.
Wade Davis speaks about BC…and BC Hydro…and the sacred headwaters.
Keith Olbermann reads the concerns from the occupy walls street protesters
Helina Norberg TED talk from the producer of “The Economics of happiness”
Dylan Ratigan’s  Awesome Rant…powerful
I am not Moving – making connections and seeing the parallels
And a short funny one that Gord filmed a few days ago…of Ann cooking dinner.
Our best to everybody,
Ann and Gord

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