Carbon Neutral Patio is Complete

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Well, it’s finally done!  We had our first small fire in the cob oven on Saturday.  It worked beautifully.   On Sunday we fired it up again and made four beautiful loaves of earth fired cob oven sourdough bread.  What an amazing crust.

Carbon Neutral Patio Materials:

Foundation:  Rocks

Benches and oven:  clay, sand, straw

Finish on benches and oven:  3 coats Boiled linseed oil.  Top coat of product called WoodPal (linseed oil, tung oil, and bees wax, oxide UV stabilizer).  Product info states that it is carbon neutral as it is crop based rather than petroleum based.

Finish on greenhouse wall:  earth plaster and painted with lime paint pigmented with iron oxides.

One response to “Carbon Neutral Patio is Complete

  1. It looks beautiful…how wonderful to celebrate it with fresh bread–yum!

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