Trim Tab Magazine – Article on Living Buildings

Case study on three registered Living Building Projects.  Read Trim Tab online or just peek at the PDF for this article.  201101 Ecosense Trim Tab

Full case study on the ILBI website:  here

One response to “Trim Tab Magazine – Article on Living Buildings

  1. re:Alternative Solution for a composting toilet – BC Building Code (Successful by Eco-Sense for composting toilet at local lake). This was passed on to the regional health authority for their input and they accepted it. Presently the CRD (Capital Regional District) is doing a feasibility assessment with Worksafe BC as to implementation of our composting toilet system in some of their parks.

    I am so relieved Anne and Gord to know that other like minded individuals are leading the charge in opening minds and doors within our regulatory bodies to change outdated codes, and create a paradigm of symbiosis with nature. In short …you two rock! Please keep us apprised of what comes of this assessment as septic fields are soooo unnecessary when composting systems are done correctly. We love what you are on about! Keep on doin’ what you are doin’…and thanks from the rest of us out there.

    a hobbit who agrees with you

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