Ann’s notes for presentation to the BC Assessment Board

February 18, 2010

Notes for Property Assessment Review Panel

Area: 01 Jurisdiction: 361 Highlands (SD61) Roll: 15016.160

Re: 3295 Compton Road, Victoria, BC V9E 1C8

  • Comments to Doug Burkinshaw
    • I think he has done a great job trying to fairly assess the home.
    • It is wonderful that the earthen architectural style is properly valued
  • Brief introduction to Eco-Sense – see info sheet
    • Features (see printout)
    • Costs (see printout)
    • Living Building Challenge, $35K Vancity grant, Enormous publicity
    • Policy work with BCSEA, municipal and provincial governments
    • Met with MLA John Horgan yesterday – regular contact as he is the Energy critic for the BC Govt.
  • BC Assessment challenges for the Eco-Sense Home (a few areas but wish to spend most of our time discussing the energy systems within the appraisal). Brief discussion of some of the minor issues resulting from our assessment. Important to note: NO similar case studies or home exist for comparison
    • Thickness of mass wall system – Doug and I have worked through this issue to fairly assess our 2 foot thick mass wall system.
    • Ability to obtain a mortgage on this style of sustainable home
      • financing is possible but only at large interest rate premium
      • Does this reduce assessment of the home?
    • Home only has composting “Waterless” toilets.  There are two bathrooms but only one is plumbed for a flush toilet.  Does this reduce assessment of the home?  Should it?
  • Valuation of the sustainable energy (SE) systems. Easy to determine costs…difficult to assess their BC assessment value.

Read more HERE:  BC Assessment pres

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