Copenhagen update from Eco-Sense

Eco-Sense December Update – Ann and Gord’s thoughts

Over the last several months we have felt disconnected with all that has been going on around us with nobody speaking our language or sharing common thoughts. This is probably because we haven’t been doing tours and have been keeping to ourselves. December brings an interesting twist with the mass efforts around the Copenhagen talks, talks with which we followed with the fervor of a crazed Olympic supporter… right down to the “finished” line, or the “we failed” line.

Highlights of the last two weeks
  • Michael M’gonigle wrote some great articles in the Tyee
  • Amy Goodman on Democracy Now had two weeks of awesome coverage from inside the Bella Centre in Copenhagen and out on the streets
  • James Hansen had a great interview on CBC’s the Current.
  • Amy Goodman’s interview with Bolivian President Evo Morales , and another with Naomi Klein.
  • Naomi Klein’s analysis from Dec 17th and Hilary Clinton’s US position – see below
  • Article by Gwyne Dyer – see below

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