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Highlands Sustainability Task Force Report

Highlands Sustainability Task Force

42 recommendations submitted to Highlands council.  Read section on green building for policy on “Flush toilet ready” and “net zero zones”.  Lots of great stuff in this report.

Conversation on Conservation

Conversation on conservation

When you think of the things in our culture that are TABOO what comes to mind.  Cannibalism?  Incest?  How about conservation?  Or to put it bluntly; the transition away from a capitalist growth economy.

This is a taboo subject in the mainstream media and we simply need to go there.  It is encouraging for us that there are small pockets of people starting to talk about transitioning to a sustainable carbon free lifestyle and what this look likes.  It looks wonderful; and we would argue that this new life is what most of us dream about down deep in our core values.

The common misconception suggests that this fossil fuel free future means going backwards to a day without toilet paper, without joy, and endless grueling labour.  This profound misconception is not only wrong but could actually create the future we fear.

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