Tours:   Please check here for notices of public tours (and workshops).

* Please come to the tour with good sturdy shoes and dressed for the weather as we will be outside for about 50-70% of the tour.
* We also request that people do not use scented products before the tour. Scented laundry products including dryer sheets are very toxic for everyone and cause some people to have headaches and respiratory problems. Here’s a link to a quick and engaging read regarding the top hormone disrupters to watch out for.

Please email to book a private tour or for more information:  Rates start at $200.

For a free virtual tour check out this Peak Moment tour of our Eco-Sense home.  If you enjoy the video, please consider making a donation to Peak Moment.

RATES for Private Tours:

* Basic 


2 to 2.5  hours

** Permaculture


2.5 – 3  hours

*** Professional


2.5 – 3 hours

 Public Tours Will be posted on this blog site.

10-20 people

$25 per person

See below

See below

 Private (basic private tour, permaculture tour, garden groups, and professional tours)

1-5 people




6-10 people




11-15 people




16-20 people





Please email

Please email

Please email

 Educational Tours



grades K-12

1 to 2 hours


depends on group size and tour length

* Basic tours cover all systems, buildings, gardens, and ideas at the introductory level.

** Permaculture tours cover the full Eco-Sense homestead detailing how the design principals are applied to water, energy, and food systems are integrated into lifestyle.

*** Professional tours are specifically customized for municipal staff, engineers, designers, business leaders, educators, etc, and may include policy, regulation, building codes, earthen architecture wall systems, and very technical issues around water and energy systems.

Post Secondary Tours: See rates above to see where your group fits.

14 responses to “Tours

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  2. catherine lyle

    Hey there Gord

    You lectured at Geoff’s urban homesteading course and filled my with inspiration…(more I mean as Geoff does a great job of inspiring his students. I would love to bring myself and my two adult kids with me to the June 6th tour if that is possible. Let me know if there is still room. Otherwise I am sure I could round up interested people and book a private tour.

    Thanks so much

  3. Thanks!!! I will reserve the last three spots for you. If anything changes and you cannot attend, please let me know so we can offer the spots to others. See you on June 6th at 10am.

  4. Josephine Munro

    Good morning, Ann and Gord. Please book me one space for your Sunday, August 8 tour. This is a return, second visit 2 years ago – looking forward to an update. I do need a reminder about how to get to your place – pls point me in the right direction, onsite or off. Thanks. Warm regards, Josephine.

  5. Hi Ann and Gord, I’ve wanted to come on one of these tours for many years when i lived in Victoria but was always working on weekends. I live in Nanaimo now so i’d love to come down and come on the Aug 8 tour. Do you think this tour will go ahead? What is the capacity per tour? Also, i can’t find an address or map to your location.

  6. Hello,

    There are 4 of us interested in joining your tour tomorrow. We realize that it is VERY short notice, but on your website it looks like there are still a few spots. Please e-mail back ASAP as to whether you have room. If you have 2 spots, there are 2 of us from out of town who would probably still take them.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  7. Hello Gord and Ann,
    I am looking for a tour for 48- 4-H members 6- 19 plus some leaders and parents on Sat. Sept. 24th, 2011 would this be something that all would enjoy??
    Thanks for your help
    Donna Jack
    Leader with South Malahat 4-H District

    • Hi Donna, wow…that’s a big group. Unfortunately we cannot handle such large groups. We recently hosted an international group of 40 students but broke it down into two smaller tours. This worked well and the quality of the tour was much higher.


    I am looking to take a tour of the Eco-Sense home on the 25th or 26th of February.

    The tour costs $150 for 5 people. I am looking for at least 2 people to join me.

    Please email me at lackofknowknowhau [AT] yahoo [dot] ca


  9. Wow, I just found out about this website and am amazed at what you have accomplished. My Wife and 10 month old son are actually coming out to Victoria this weekend to see my sister and was wondering if you’ll be having any tours going at all over the long weekend?

    Ps, we wash our clothes (and cloth diapers) with Nellies unscented all natural laundry soda:)

    pps, I know it’s an even longer shot, but any chance you have any public tours this weekend? Or even shorter, more affordable tours? Sorry, I just have to ask

    • Hi Kris, Sorry no public tours this weekend. We do book private tours and the fee starts at $150. Also, every Sat from 10am-2pm until the end of Oct we have an open house for farm gate sales of perennial edible plants (permaculture plants). People are free to wander around and look at the gardens and the buildings (from the outside). We also love to chat with people as time permits. There are also also video of our home on our website. Maybe we will see you this weekend. Ann

      • Thanks for getting back to me Ann, we obviously didn’t get to the island in time, but perhaps next year in the spring we’ll be able to stop by for some perennial edible plants and have a little look around.

        Approximately when do you open back up for farm stand sales next year?

        Ps, I thought I had replied to this much earlier, but I must have not actually hit post comment. Woops

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